Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Have you thought of using videos to market your business or service? If not, it’s time to start.
If you have an online business or offline for that matter using video as a marketing tool is a wise choice.

Although there are many that will want to read more about your business or service, the majority are enticed by visuals. Don’t believe me? Sit for one afternoon and simply count all the commercials and infomercials that are broadcasted daily. This same concept can be applied to your business. Adding videos to your marketing plan will help your market and community connect with you.

It is difficult to express emotion with words, although there are many that can do it successfully. With the use of video, your viewer will instantly connect with your emotion and passion. You don’t have to go to the extreme as such individuals on infomercials but simply describing your product or service is a way to connect with your audience and ultimately your customer base.

A few points to keep in mind when using video to market your business or service:

– Don’t be too flashy: it may work for some on television but you don’t want to categorized as a infomercial salesman type

– Be honest: your audience, target market, customers and clients will be able to detect instantly if you are not being honest, perhaps some may not right away but ultimately they will.

– Be clear: when using video be sure to be clear in both the quality of the video itself and in your appearance and words

– Be concise: keep your videos short and sweet, many will disagree on length of video clips, so the best bet is to determine how long you will sit through a video and gage your videos to that length. Many will not sit for more than 3 minutes and you don’t want to lose the attention of your market.

Ultimately, using videos as a marketing tool is a smart and innovative idea that many are using. What are you waiting for? Start today!

Perry Lawrence is a video industry veteran. He hosts – a video marketing educational website.


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