Why YouTube Isn't Appropriate for Business Videos

Here’s a MUST-READ article by Mark Shapiro which details multiple reasons why YouTube should not be your choice to host your corporate videos. A corporate video network like eCorpTv will give you safety with options for password protection, direct leads, improved SEO search, and professional atmosphere your videos need to deliver results!

YouTube for Your Business? Maybe Not

By, Mark Shapiro

Why you need a professional video player and video hosting platform instead of relying on YouTube for your Business Videos

Are you doing internet marketing? Is your business doing eCommerce? Do you need to communicate with your partners, customers and teams throughout the world? If so, you probably already know that online video is one of the most powerful communication and marketing tools you can utilize.

According to Paul Palumbo, Research Director at Accustream Research, “Video is a must have marketing/promotion/brand building tool as brands establish their media identities. Its now a strategic imperative to reach, resonate with and stay present inside a visually literate and connected world.”

One of the first big questions that online business video users face is how to distribute the video? Do they post it for free to an online public and community site like YouTube? Or do they use one of the commercial web hosting and online video platforms?

YouTube has a lot of advantages for those who want to host and share their videos online. Its free, its easy and everybody knows YouTube. And did we mention it is FREE.

YouTube is excellent for those who want to share clips, family videos, odd happenings, and their personal videos. However, YouTube is not a good eCommerce platform. For most businesses that use the web to promote their business and services, or to sell products, using a commercial web video player and an online video hosting platform can be a lot more effective.

Here is why.

More video options and better video quality

By using an online video platform, there are no restrictions on the length or file size of the video you want to upload and share.
Most “free” online video sites, like Google and Vimeo, limit you on the length or your video and the size of the file. Sometimes you can pay extra to post longer and bigger videos but then, it is no longer free.

You can create and share videos of various sizes and shapes – with embedded messages and animations. You can even embed commercials, hot spots and links. For example, during your online video demo for a specific product, you can embed hot links to various accessories and options, as well as to a Shopping cart
. While the video is streaming, your customers can click the hot link to go to the specific landing page or instantly buy the product being demoed.

By using a video hosting platform that utilizes a top ranked CDN to distribute the video worldwide, you can ensure high quality video delivery without any stuttering or stopping.

You Can Control How Your Video is Delivered

By using an online video platform and custom player, you can control the look and feel of your video and how it is delivered. By using an online video platform and custom player, you can control the look and feel of your video and how it is delivered.

Unlike YouTube, you can create your own video player or video players with your company’s logo, look and feel. This layer can be embedded on your web site or even embedded on your customers and partners web sites.

Some of the customizable options you can choose from include various player sizes and shapes, colors, images, auto play, web links and text overlays. You can set your player to have text overlay on the video on start up or whenever the user hovers over the player.

Maybe most importantly, there will be no YouTube or Google advertising or competitive messages around your video. As you may know, Google chooses ads depending on relevance, which means that on the YouTube site, there is a very good possibility that your competitor’s ads will appear next to your videos. You probably don’t want that.

Many online video platforms provide dashboards to manage your video library and how they are delivered.

Protect Your Videos

You can make them private. You don’t have to worry about YouTube hackers taking your video and creating unwelcome parodies or stealing your video footage. You can avoid competitors posting negative comments or links to their own sites. Once you post a video to YouTube, YouTube or any of its users can then replay or redistribute that video, without any real limits for eternity. Once posted to YouTube, you have given away your video to the world. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.

By using your own player, you also can control how the online world reacts and responds to your video. No bad ratings or off-the-wall comments. You can prevent spammers from using the comment sections to plug their sites and products.

Better Web Search Results

By using your own custom player, you can optimize your web search results. Yes, YouTube has good internal site search, but most people still go to a general search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing when they are searching to purchase a product or a service.

Using proper SEO techniques, you can make your video more easily discovered on the web than by simply posting it to YouTube. According to Google search, having video on your web site can improve the Click Through Rate from organic search results. Even better, when the search reuslts are displayed, thumbnails of your video are displayed which gives your listing more prominance. By the way, in order to better promote their videos, online businesses should submit video site maps to google for them to be indexed and displayed in SERPS. Here is how to do it –

Track Your Viewers

By using web analytics you can track who is accessing your video and what parts of it they are watching.

To get even more information and possible leads to follow up on, an online video platform for businesses makes it easy to set up a sign-in form in allow web visitors to access the videos hosted on your own site. This can be very good for developing sales leads. Another way to generate revenue, if your video content is very compelling and valuable, is use a professional online video platform to make the video pay for play.

Online Video Platforms is for Businesses doing Business

Because of the control, customization and quality, most online marketers and eCommerce sites prefer to use professional video players and online video platforms to host and distribute their videos on the web. If you are serious about using online video to market your services and goods on the Internet, you need to use an online video hosting platform that is geared to the needs of a business like yours.


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