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Influencing Prospects with Video Testimonials

One reason I am particularly fond of is because of the site’s user reviews. Feedback from customers/users can lend credibility to, or advise against, a purchase.

Clearly many people feel the same way when shopping for a service. They want to know that other people would recommend the service before they invest their money.

Let’s face it, people today are very skeptical. There are many products and companies that claim to deliver but do not. We are constantly exposed to infomercials and “miracle products” that seem too good to be true (overly enthusiastic actors included).

Customer testimonials are a great way to attract and convince prospects to purchase your product or service. While it may be easier to throw a written testimonial up on a website and drop it into brochures, it is much more effective to use video. In fact, a recent study by GetResponse ( showed that emails containing video received a 96.38% higher click through rate (CTR) than emails without video – proof that video is more engaging than text.

Video testimonials show prospects a person they can relate to – a person with a similar problem or situation that was solved by your product or service.

Customer testimonial videos are pretty easy to produce. You provide the camera and your customers provide the content. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind so that your video produces the results you’re looking for:

Authenticity – You want to use customers that will allow you to share their full name, proving that these are actual satisfied customers, not actors.

Target demographic –Show testimonials from people that match your target demographic. People relate to others of a similar age, industry or occupation, geographical location and the like.

Be specific – Testimonials should tell how your product or service solved a problem, met a need or fulfilled a desire. Prospects need to know why your customers are happy and would strongly recommend doing business with you. It’s also beneficial to include quantitative facts. For example, how much money was saved by using your service?

Plan and practice – You want your customer testimonial videos to reflect real sincerity in a businesslike and professional manner. While you may need to help the customer develop a script or outline, be sure it is truly the customer’s voice that comes through strongly and convincingly.

Written testimonials are often limited to a few sentences, while video testimonials can allow customers to expand on their experience and show their personal enthusiasm.  Done right, videos of satisfied customers can be one of your most effective sales tools. 

There are many websites where you can upload your videos, including YouTube, Google, and Yahoo, however, videos specifically pertaining to business can be uploaded to eCorpTV.


Online video sharing for businesses

While traditional video sharing sites like YouTube draw a lot of traffic, they are not necessarily the ideal business environment for online video marketing efforts. Search results tend to be diluted due to the large number of amateur and entertainment videos.

This is where comes in. is a free video sharing website specifically designed for businesses and professionals. To learn how your business can use to integrate online video into your existing marketing efforts, check out the Web Video University video interview with Ali Swiatkowski of
Click here to view video interview

Video marketing and spam

Spam was first made infamous through the deceiving emails that filled your inbox; however, it has expanded into various other forms. We’ve seen spam in text messages, search engines, social networking and more recently we’re seeing it in video.

VideoSurf estimates that 20% of online video is spam. Video spam is any type of video or video link that is misleading. Some examples include misleading tags or keywords, misleading thumbnail images that link to spam videos, or static screens that show only a web address.

I recently received an email from a friend that had a video attachment and a subject line which read “Hilarious dancing little boy.” The video featured a little guy dancing to a popular hip-hop song and to be honest with you it was pretty funny. In fact, I was so amused that I decided to visit the website which was promoted on the bottom corner of the video. I was expecting more related content; i.e. funny kids or animal videos. You can imagine my disgust when I found it to be an Adult Entertainment Website.

The bottom line is – delivering false messages or misleading an audience is unethical regardless of the medium or the subject.

Have you had experiences with video spam? How do you think this type of spam can be prevented?

Corporate TV Site Shows Demand for Online Business Videos

Corporate TV and online business video site, released 2nd quarter numbers showing continued demand for online business videos.

Wayne, PA – Corporate TV and online business video site eCorpTV continues to release numbers that demonstrate an increasing demand for its dedicated business video sharing and hosting services. Over 21,000 visitors came to the corporate TV ( channel, eCorpTV in June 2009, an increase of 170% from May 2009; page views were up 309% from May to June 2009, at over 284,000. As well, over 1,100 online business videos ( have been posted on eCorpTV since its launch in October 2008.

“We saw the need for a video-sharing channel dedicated exclusively to business videos and the initial research confirmed our vision. It is exciting to see our web traffic and video submission numbers repeatedly confirm the concept,” reports Rob Lail, President and Co-founder of eCorpTV.

The Corporate TV and online business video site is the first in this space and offers its basic channel free to businesses and viewers. For businesses, it is a no-cost solution to showcase their products and how-to videos, attract new customers, build brand awareness and cut through the clutter of sites such as YouTube. Unlike other non-business websites eCorpTV is not blocked at the corporate workplace, enabling companies to increase their B2B reach with their content. “A majority of our site traffic is M-F, 9-5,” adds Lail. “This makes us highly relevant for B2B marketers.”

Internally, businesses can utilize a password protected channel for its staff training videos, increasing efficiency while lowering training costs. In these tough economic times, it’s not surprising that Fastenal, QVC, Invisible Fence, Vishay and a host of others have signed up.

For viewers, they can find, watch and engage with corporate video content online, become more informed about a company’s products or services and use a central resource to gather or compare company information.

Welcome to eCorpTV!

Robert LailPhone Number: 1.800.909.6811
Fax: 610.254.9190

My name is Robert Lail. For over 30 years now I’ve been a sales recruiter and trainer. As Vice President of Marketing for Videolearning Systems, Inc., I had the opportunity to develop national sales campaigns for clients that included the U.S. Navy and the U.S. State Department. It’s also been my honor to act as a Keynote Speaker for the International Television Association and the American Society of Training and Development.

In 1996, I established MarketMakers Group, a firm that specializes in B2B market research, sales lead generation and telemarketing programs for technically complex and high-end products and services. Our clients include General Electric Corporation, Agilent Technologies and Oki Data. Visit for more information.

In August of 2008, I founded eCorpTV in response to research that showed the need for a video sharing web site that is dedicated exclusively to business videos. Since then, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have been using eCorpTV to cut through the clutter of consumer video-sharing sites and attract new customers in a professional web environment. is free for corporations to use and viewers to access. Visit for more information, or to post a video of your business!

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