Creating Maximum Exposure For Your Business Videos

Creating Maximum Exposure For Your  Business Videos

We all want the maximum exposure for our viral videos but don’t want to break the bank. There are ways to maximize the exposure of your videos, keeping the cost down and getting your message across to many.

One of the obvious ways or perhaps a way you may have overlooked is placing the video on your site. You may do this by using a widget to add your video to the sidebar of your site. Site

Maximizing exposure means to literally saturate the waves with your video. Your ultimate goal is to have your video and message seen by your target audience. Making it available is important, which is why placing it on eCorpTV is a great idea. Placing your video on eCorpTV  will be seen by many and they will also have the opportunity to embed your video on their sites which of course leads to more views.

Placing the video on your site is important as mentioned above. What is of greater importance is the tags and descriptions of the video. Placing a video on your main or company site is a great way to break up the monotony of text. Be sure to either add a transcript along with your video or include precise descriptions with tags to be found by the search engines.

Social networks are the latest and greatest craze and you can use them to your advantage. Let’s not spam all your visitors or followers with videos, but placing your videos on Facebook will definitely increase the exposure it receives. Facebook also allows the ability to share the video with others and, of course, that is always welcomed.

Most importantly, make online videos part of your marketing efforts. People love connecting with the person behind the site. Using your videos will create instant recognition and expertise in your market. If you haven’t incorporated videos as part of your marketing plan do it today, start 2010 with a bang!

Perry Lawrence is a video industry veteran. He hosts – a video marketing educational website.


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