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Creating Maximum Exposure For Your Business Videos

Creating Maximum Exposure For Your  Business Videos

We all want the maximum exposure for our viral videos but don’t want to break the bank. There are ways to maximize the exposure of your videos, keeping the cost down and getting your message across to many.

One of the obvious ways or perhaps a way you may have overlooked is placing the video on your site. You may do this by using a widget to add your video to the sidebar of your site. Site

Maximizing exposure means to literally saturate the waves with your video. Your ultimate goal is to have your video and message seen by your target audience. Making it available is important, which is why placing it on eCorpTV is a great idea. Placing your video on eCorpTV  will be seen by many and they will also have the opportunity to embed your video on their sites which of course leads to more views.

Placing the video on your site is important as mentioned above. What is of greater importance is the tags and descriptions of the video. Placing a video on your main or company site is a great way to break up the monotony of text. Be sure to either add a transcript along with your video or include precise descriptions with tags to be found by the search engines.

Social networks are the latest and greatest craze and you can use them to your advantage. Let’s not spam all your visitors or followers with videos, but placing your videos on Facebook will definitely increase the exposure it receives. Facebook also allows the ability to share the video with others and, of course, that is always welcomed.

Most importantly, make online videos part of your marketing efforts. People love connecting with the person behind the site. Using your videos will create instant recognition and expertise in your market. If you haven’t incorporated videos as part of your marketing plan do it today, start 2010 with a bang!

Perry Lawrence is a video industry veteran. He hosts – a video marketing educational website.


Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Have you thought of using videos to market your business or service? If not, it’s time to start.
If you have an online business or offline for that matter using video as a marketing tool is a wise choice.

Although there are many that will want to read more about your business or service, the majority are enticed by visuals. Don’t believe me? Sit for one afternoon and simply count all the commercials and infomercials that are broadcasted daily. This same concept can be applied to your business. Adding videos to your marketing plan will help your market and community connect with you.

It is difficult to express emotion with words, although there are many that can do it successfully. With the use of video, your viewer will instantly connect with your emotion and passion. You don’t have to go to the extreme as such individuals on infomercials but simply describing your product or service is a way to connect with your audience and ultimately your customer base.

A few points to keep in mind when using video to market your business or service:

– Don’t be too flashy: it may work for some on television but you don’t want to categorized as a infomercial salesman type

– Be honest: your audience, target market, customers and clients will be able to detect instantly if you are not being honest, perhaps some may not right away but ultimately they will.

– Be clear: when using video be sure to be clear in both the quality of the video itself and in your appearance and words

– Be concise: keep your videos short and sweet, many will disagree on length of video clips, so the best bet is to determine how long you will sit through a video and gage your videos to that length. Many will not sit for more than 3 minutes and you don’t want to lose the attention of your market.

Ultimately, using videos as a marketing tool is a smart and innovative idea that many are using. What are you waiting for? Start today!

Perry Lawrence is a video industry veteran. He hosts – a video marketing educational website.

Tips for Marketing Your Business with Videos

Small businesses can find it difficult to reach customers, but with tips for marketing your small business with online videos, you can attract new customers that are ready to buy.

It used to be, businesses of any size or scope would put an ad in the local paper to attract new customers. Then, having a web-presence, even a single web page, became almost mandatory for a business serious about staying in business and making sales.

Advertising in the newspaper remains a “tried-and-true” method, and many businesses, large and small, have found that having web-presence does good things for their bottom line.

But online video advertising is one of the newest and most effective ways to reach potential buyers. These short commercials can generate twice the “click-throughs” of banner ads.

There are many “do it yourself” Internet sites that can provide locally-targeted, inexpensive online video ads, which are catering to small business owners.

Here are some tips for marketing your small business with online videos:

* Simplicity: Keep your ad “short and sweet.”
* Benefits: Make your promotion or discount the focus of your ad.
* Type Size: Don’t use more than two sizes in a single ad.
* Type Font: Again, don’t use more than two fonts in a single ad.
* Relevance: Use clean and simple graphics relevant to the ad.
* Testing: Methodically alter your ad to determine what achieves the best results.
* Content: Strive for authentic, personable ads with a clear message.
* Optimization: Make sure your video is “Google friendly” to get good placement in search results.
* Facebook: If you don’t have a Facebook account, make one, and add your video to your “wall.”
* Expand: Utilize the many video sites on the Internet (such as YouTube) to create maximum exposure for your ad.

These tips for marketing your small business with online videos are just the beginning, but the most important step in any project is getting started by taking that first step.
Perry Lawrence is host of – a website dedicated to helping businesses use video to get their message out.

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Choosing a Topic for Video

You have determined which video camera to use, and you have found the perfect spot to shoot your videos. The lighting is perfect, and you have everything in place, but now you have no idea what topic to choose for your video.

You are not alone. Many understand the purpose of video and some may be aware of the benefits it has for their business in the marketing sense, but all will have times that they simply don’t know what to feature in their video. First off, you must relax, your videos will be unnatural if you are nervous. Second, share what YOU know.

The biggest mistake folks will make is their attempt to promote something they don’t know much about. It is important to do your research and simply share your ideas. Perhaps you know a subject very well, turn that knowledge into a video series that is teaching your audience. You can make a video showing step by step instructions or simply showcasing your talents.

The ideas are endless if you simply relax and approach the making of the video differently. You may consider an article you wrote and turning it into a video or perhaps some information shared on an interview that many will benefit from. Videos are great for marketing your business, whether it is a product, or a service it can easily be showcased in a video. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and share those thoughts on video, it works!

– Perry Lawrence (aka Mr Video) is host of, a website devoted to all things relating to video marketing and production.

SEO and Videos – Part 2

This is the second part of the SEO and videos, be sure to read Part 1 to get all the essential information you will need in order to have the search engines locate your videos.

Let’s continue with the tips in order for your videos to get the most exposure possible:

-Tags: implementing the proper tags for your videos is essential. The keywords used should be relevant to the content of your video. If you will be using the term, ‘video’ as a tag, be certain to have this word in your description and title. The basic rules that apply to articles or posts for tags, also works for videos. Be certain to have the description as well as the title coincide with the tags you choose.

-Branding: many individuals who make videos will neglect to add their brand to the video. Not only with the brand be noticeable but it will also direct traffic to your main site.

-Use Video Sharing Sites: It’s great to place your videos on your site but in order to get more visitors it is wise to add your videos to sharing sites. Placing your videos on sites like Youtube along with links to your site and other content and videos will increase your traffic.

-Allow Embed Code: In order for your video to be seen by more people you can allow others to take your video embed code where they can share your video on their websites and blogs. Another perk with this tip is the backlinks that will be created which also help with search engine optimization and your ranking within the search engines.

-Ask for reviews or ratings: Yes, you read that last tip correctly. When you encourage visitors to rank your videos, the search engines will find them quicker and mark them as favorites. This again will increase your status in search engines which is ultimately your goal.

-Submit your feeds: Did you know you could submit your RSS or MRSS to sites as you can for written articles? Yes, you can. Here are some that you can submit your feeds to, Pure Video , Yahoo Video , and Blinkx .

As you can tell, there are many ways to improve your rankings in the search engines for your videos. Apply some of the tips provided or all the tips and watch your traffic explode.

– Perry Lawrence (aka Mr Video) is host of, a website devoted to all things relating to video marketing and production.

SEO and Videos – Part 1

Did you know that SEO is essential for the marketing of your videos? First off, let’s go back and explain what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is what is used to 75651164find your content, video, audios, brand and more on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. There are more search engines available and more and more popping up everyday but for this explanation I mentioned the most popular ones.

There are several tips to keep in mind when developing your video and implementing it on your site for the most exposure possible. The more exposure of your video, the more likely the search engines will find your video as well. In order for the search engines to successfully find your video consider the following tips:

– Unique Videos: this sounds like common sense, but unless your videos are interesting, or useful and relevant, they will go unnoticed. As far as relevant, you may consider how to videos or showing step by step instructions. Most importantly do not create videos that are irrelevant to the services or products you provide.

    – Video Length: when creating videos be sure to keep them under 5 minutes in length. Folks do not like watching videos longer than 5 minutes, their attention span is limited. If you find that you have videos that are 5 minutes or longer, consider breaking them up into parts, in order to keep the attention of your target audience.

      – Enticing Title: create a unique and enticing title, this will draw the attention of your visitors as well as search engines. It is also important to use keywords in the title that relate to your product, service, brand or theme.

        – HTML: although your video will be viral it is important to create html which is in the form of text on the page you are placing the video on. The text content is what is needed to attract the search engines. So, it is important to include relevant text that perhaps describes the video in order for the search engines to identify your video.

          – Include thumbnails: video thumbnails are another essential tool to attract the search engines to the videos on your site. The thumbnails are previews of what your video contains, this will help the individual determine if they want to view your video. Different video search engines will choose specifics ways to display your thumbnails, some will choose by the title or the first frame of the video where others such as Youtube will create a thumbnail from the middle of your particular video.

            These are just a few tips that you can begin applying to the videos on your site for search engine optimization. Be sure to come back for Part 2 of this post for more tips that will help you and your video needs.

            – Perry Lawrence (aka Mr Video) is host of, a website devoted to all things relating to video marketing and production.

            Using Video in you Emails

            We all know that in order to succeed with an online business or any business for that matter you must stay connected. With an online business staying connected is the foundation of building long-lasting relationships that can lead to sales, partnerships, networking and more. Since I enjoy videos, and I’m sure you do as well, why not stay connected with video emails?

            Instead of the same old text email, which is still very effective, use a video to convey your message. The difference of viewing and hearing your message supercedes that of a text.

            You can use a video email to promote a new project, new website, promotion or simply a way to connect. Some have incorporated videos into their newsletters as well. You can make the videos as long or as short as you like. Remember that the attention span of most is not very long. Most videos are between 3 and 4 minutes in length unless they are educational or music videos.

            Video in email is a fast growing trend and the increase in click through rates can be as much as two to three times. Some things to keep in mind if you intend to incorporate videos into your emails:

            – Respect your audience’s time..keep the videos short and sweet (try to keep them less than 2 minutes)

            – Incorporate a tracking system to determine the click-to-view of the videos

            – Be creative and use the videos to grab their attention, don’t overuse the video system

            – Don’t add large or extra large animated GIF’s – {those are annoying}

            – Most importantly..have fun and experiment

            Next email you send consider adding a video for more impact, you’ll be amazed at the response.

            – Perry Lawrence (aka Mr Video) is host of, a website devoted to all things relating to video marketing and production.

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